What’s This? A Weekend Post?

I’ve driven all the way to work today just so I could put up a post, realizing that this is probably a hard weekend for many of you, and you could all use a little bit of me.
I wonder what the significance of the protesters in San Francisco will be recorded as, that is, will there ever be a CBS Original Movie made for them? If it’s made within the next year or two, it’ll be invalid, however, if a Sunday Movie MiniSeries is dedicated to them in ten or twenty years, well then, that’ll be the big one, and we’ll all wish we had been a part of it.
Unfortunately, the message of the protesters is often lost as it is too Pickwickian to be discernible, messages like “Abortion is evil?” and then a picture of a dead fetus coming out of a vagina, when the message of the sign is intended to be pro-choice.
My own diffidence towards the whole situation doesn’t exactly allow me to participate in speculation, some might say, but with the weight of the world literally under my feet and the final realization of just what that means, I felt it necessary to – blah blah blah. Sometimes I’m so uninteresting I bore myself.

If you can call it that, I’ve pretty much got my new position as Pizza Hut delivery driver in the bag. This is good because, even if I don’t get the job in Nevada, I’ll still be able to make enough money to be debt free by June, with a surplus of $3000 that I’ll use to head West, job or not.

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