i can’t wait to ditch my next big love turned
“oh so-so, so well, so what”
so long to having a silver flatscreen tv
i can’t wait to sell my house, get out of that
big bad money trap me in security
and I can’t wait to quit my job and sleep out in some other country’s streets

i can’t wait to drink my tea at a table built
for two or three
and i’ll sip as slowly as i can to keep
two and three right close to me

i can’t wait for my deathbed to be made
to look back at all the wonderful things that you
all inevitably will say about me
the pastor takes the platform pulpit
“nathan was such a good man, i remember
several humorous stories”
okay, so he never met me but we are all god’s people
okay, so not the foreigners, but the rest of us are all god’s people.

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