Bike Across America Update

It is truly amazing how quickly I can bore myself. Anyway, it’s time to hole up for winter, I surmise. I’m making a bigger deal of things this year, sort of a November resolution or something.

I, Nathan Swartz, solemnly pledge to make a big deal out of everything. From my morning bowl of cereal to brushing my teeth before sleepy time, I will focus and concentrate on as many of the everyday menial tasks of life as I can. Hopefully I will get to the point where a night spent sitting on my bed and playing guitar will be as splendiferous as an 8 year old’s birthday party. Smoking each and every cigarette will be an inhaling experience to rival the fastest roller coaster, and “how do you dos?” at the convenience store will be answered with undiscerning truth.

Today I have indulged quite freely in the affairs of the leaf, the tea, and the out doors, walking around in the rain after picking up a pack of cigarettes purchased in part with the aid of the Pennsylvania Lottery. I look good these days, I must admit, though a bit sunken under the eyes, nothing that won’t be rolled away come spring’s break through revival, right on time next year, I suppose.

I’ve been plotting and planning, reviving the Bike Across America tour, though I haven’t actually been riding much as of late, what with a blown tire and the shivery dense of cold and fog every morning here in the northern port. I have acquired an exercise bike and that’s been coming in useful, mostly for getting me nowhere fast, but that’s a joke of a different color. No, I diverge and divulge, so I’ll get back to the point, and easily:

Bike Across America 2005

The goal is to pack only two pairs of clothes, one for looking good and one for keeping warm. The minimal sleeping requirements for a wilderness life of prairie fires and the occasional rain, and approximately $20 a day for foodstuffs, cigarettes and whatever other short term needs I may require. Possibly a notebook, pen, walkman and guitar later and I’ll be off. Oh, and of course, my cell phone, for keeping connected while I’m trying to get unacquainted with the world. Anyway, Erie PA to Portland Oregon, down to Tahoe and finish in Flagstaff, I suppose – or maybe not any of those things, maybe just see what happens. Regardless, I’m going to live my pipe dreams while I’m still young enough to have them…

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