Church vs. State, the Ultimate Grudge Match

Pennsylvania Congresspeople voted down, 40 to 6, a bill meant to legalize the sale of beer by the case & keg on Sundays. For those of you not in the good Commonwealth, our alcohol laws are like so:

1. Beer is only sold in bars, restaurants & distributors. Bars & restaurants can only sell you a 12 pack at a time, distributors carry cases and kegs. Additionally, to buy more than one 12 pack from a bar, all you need to do is purchase the first, put it in your car, and go back in. That is completely legal.
2. Beer is sold on Sunday, but not by distributors. Bars/restaurants are supposed to generate 50% of their sales from food on Sundays, in order to also sell beer.
3. Liquor is sold only by state owned liquor distributors (and the occasional winery selling their own brew), some of which are allowed to be open on Sundays.

I guess I just don’t comprehend the logic behind it all.

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