Quite Honestly, I am Upset

So, yeah, Pizza Hut. I work their now. It’s going to suck. Just as I get home, I realize that I’d better get to sleep to go back to job number one, so that I’m not too tired for job number two afterwards.

Didn’t I have a son somewhere in this? How is this making life better for him, again?

On the other hand, while struggling with all of this anger and bitterness, I have developed a sort of manifesto for my future endeavor into the world of losing possession. If I haven’t made it clear, that is my plan for “salvation.” First to pay off my debt to society (in the form of high interest credit cards and car loans) by next summer, then give up most of my worldly goods and set about to find whatever it is I might find out in the big wide world. From now on, this blog will be for the most part dedicated to such endeavors, the preparation for and eventual journey into said life…

Up Next: Pizza Hut