More on dreams…

I realized after reading that last post that a good portion of my dreams occur in this town, Mundy’s Corner. Whether I’m Spiderman jumping from rooftop to rooftop or just laying around looking at girl’s stomachs or whatever, the setting is often the same. I wonder why this is, what deeper meaning it has on my life, and how that will affect the way a chili cheese dog would taste from the corner store found there.

Oh, and it also reminded me of the My Morning Jacket lyric that only dawned on me the other day as to its true sentence structure “Don’t let your silly dreams fall in between the crack of the bed and the wall,” which is a grand statement. Wow. I have so much to say suddenly, I’ll try and get it all out but keep it quite brief.

1. The other night I sat around “listening to records” which I’m quite certain is a lost activity. Not listening to them while playing video games, or cleaning up, or chatting with friends, but just straight up listening to records, sitting down and looking at the cd player or the wall and very intently focused on the music and lyrics. You’ll find new, wonderful things in it that way. I certainly did with Yoshimi… the other night.

2. Hanging out in home towns is stupendous. I’m not certain as to the exact definition of stupendous, but I hope it means utterly gratifying while simultaneously depressing, because that is clearly what Ebensburg Pennsylvania is. I see old acquaintances at worse-than-dive bars and we pretend to be interested in each other’s lives, or perhaps they are interested in my life or just really want the chance to talk about their own. Then I meet more of the same but the situation is reversed, and I am extremely interested in them but they’re completely hammered and full of long teeth. Regardless, I wake up with my car in another town and a hummer of a headache but wow, how did I remember my dream through such an alcoholic embrace?

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