I concern myself with getting my car warmed up before I hop in for the morning commute. An American soldier in a far off desert enjoys his left arm for the last time. I buy my cappuccino drink from a Kwik Fill for $1.05 (and get every 7th one free!) and it takes me 15 minutes to buy & drink it. A Chinese worker making t-shirts has to work over an hour and twenty minutes to make that much money. I smoke two cigarettes before lunch time, rather enjoying it. Cancer makes its debut in my uncle’s lung. I draw pictures all day and get paid for it. A bum sits on the Sixth Street bridge and begs for cigarettes in the 6° Pittsburgh winter.

Life is pretty good for me, and I surmise if you have the resources to view this blog on a daily basis, yours is pretty wonderful, too. Hell, King Henry didn’t live the luxurious lifestyle we do. For one thing, I doubt his indoor toilet had those Safe-T-Seat things that keep your ass from touching the plastic that someone else’s ass has touched.

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