Oh Glorious, Solemn Winter Solstice

Today is the most important day of the year, the turning point from when darkness and cold and the vapid grip of depression that tugs at their fingerbones begins. And though this is indeed the beginning of winter, the start of the season of death, it is also a glorious moment because without a beginning, winter can’t have an end, and without winter ending, there would be no spring. No spring means no Thumper, no smelling memories, no early March skateboarding, no summer and no autumn. Now you get it.

Anyway, the Winter Solstice is at hand and today I celebrate by ignoring all of the fallacies of life and sliding through the day somewhere between sleep and dreaming, daze and daydream. What that means I can’t possibly tell you, but it has something to do with living life without being the typical human virus.

So in celebration of this glorious event, I’ve prepared a simple haiku.

Winter blooming
Yesterday has become so
Today is still today