Edward Scissorhands comes out only on days like this.

Thus far in 2005 it’s been all balmy weather: foggy, easy mornings, laid back 50� afternoons, and cool, smoking outside nights. But today the power of the Solstice subsided and Lake Effect took over. I’ve subsided from posting as of late in exchange for focusing my efforts on writing novels and filling sketch books with poetry.

That said, I’ll leave it at this for now:

possession is the ultimate enemy. People have been saying for years, about their children, that “I want them to have more than I did as a kid” and so each generation has had more and more stuff. Two months ago I threw away or donated to Salvation Army two truckloads of what can only be referred to as junk. And now last night, after the holiday season, I came up with three more garbage bags full of unnecessary cutlery, packaging, children’s clothing and toys. I found a small shirt that someone had purchased for him that had a price tag of $49.50. That’s simply ridiculous, I don’t buy clothes for myself that cost that much, what little kid needs to spill chocolate all over what is essentially over three hours of work worth of my paycheck. To eliminate possessions and the want for frivolous things is to find happiness in people and creation. It’s been said for years, but I’m only now realizing it, and actually feeling good about it.

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