I used to think that as I was slowly creeping through my 20s that I was getting much more sensitive. I mean, I’ve never been able to bite right into a popsicle and I can read the minds of plants, but lately I’ve been crying over everything. Especially car commercials, or teeny bopper WB movies of the week. It’s sad really. No, literally, I mean that. It’s very very sad.

On the other hand, Edward Scissorhands, a movie I watched last night and balled over – I mean, where Winona says “Hold me” and Johnny is forced to reveal to her “I can’t” – damn, powerful stuff. Then I proceeded to go through all of the featurettes, trailers, television spots, etc. and start the weeping process all over again.

I suppose the only cure for my predicament is to start eating meat again, watch the Superbowl, subscribe to Playboy and kill something innocent.

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