The Convergence of Chums on a Yearly Basis

So my friend Jennifer Packer and various other assortments of old hometown friends joined powers last night, along with myself, to create the greatest time ever. El Vino did flow, and I’ve realized that I’ve accomplished the transition between being a teenager who throws parties at their parents house (and subsequently gets in trouble for it the next Monday) and being a full grown adult who’s friends have their own lavish houses, with new carpeting, remodeled kitchens and festive seasonal decorations wherein you can drink beer, listen to Pearl Jam, profess love for old friends and smoke freely even in the New Year of non-smoking.

Happiness has finally ensued, and should continue to do so today, as I’ll most likely be continuing my retreat with the same people. I’ve also reorganized my future, and in doing so, may have eliminated Bike America, but as I’ve yet to actually experience said future, I can’t be certain.

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