Freezing Always Melts

A great philosopher said “Everything ends, but nothing really new is beginning.” Too true, and a great man he was, however it might be duly noted that everything that has ended will be born again. Trees die and their falling limbs drop seeds; pigs eat plants and their excrement provides fertilizer for those seeds; men kill pigs for meat. The cycle is all too well known and seems to be working wonderfully for our planet, regardless of what those naysayers of modern human cataclysm might lead you to believe. I am more interested, however, in the notion of born again human emotions. I have been very happy in my lifetime. I have also been extremely angry, sad and desolate. I notice that just about the time that I realize I am happy, I start sliding down into desolation, and vice versa. Another world reknowned free thinker once said “Life is a series of troughs and peaks. You never know that you’re in a trough until you’re climbing out, and you never know that you’re peaking until you’re sliding down.” These are all wonderful words and I’d like to express my deepest assurance to each and every one of you: we are not growing older in the sense that we are becoming less alive, and you can feel that in the moment you smoke the first cigarette of spring riding in your friend’s car listening to some song of nostalgia. Life is a progression and sometimes it rains on our parade, but sometimes it rains steamy hot goodness in the shower, so sing and scrub and thank Pan for the new day.

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