What you didn’t realize about PBS

I’ve noticed that nearly all of the “kids” I associate with have at least a growing respect for NPR, if they’re not downright fans. However, PBS doesn’t seem to have the same appeal, and for good reason…old people critiquing ancient furniture and the dead guy from M*A*S*H talking about how rubber is saving the world…but there are a few exceptions of note:

Austin City Limits

Coming up are The Pixies (01/29/05)& Modest Mouse (01/22/05), but you’ve missed the likes of Wilco, Bright Eyes, Flaming Lips, Polyphonic Spree, and Ben Harper, plus classics like Robert Plant and Jackson Browne.

Secrets of the Dead

A show where they look at past events like the Black Plague, Stonehenge, and the Salem Witch trials and try to forensics their way through it all. For example, the Salem Witch trials have alot to do with LSD, of which I’m certain you had no idea.

The Elegant Universe

String theory, quantum physics and the shape of the universe.


A recounting of this author’s life that proves him to be a rock star of his time. So much more than simply Ebeneezer Scrooges.

I suppose it should be noted that I work for a PBS/NPR affiliate, though my blog is certainly not intended for the purpose of blatant advertisements…

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