Most of the people I consider friends have a problem. I share this problem, and perhaps it is an innate side effect to some other particular trait we commonly enjoy (presumably the reason for our kinship), but it can be taxing at times. This problem is indecision.

“Do you wanna get some food?”
“Yeah, sure – what do you want?”
“Doesn’t matter to me,” and we persist on sitting around, repeating the conversation several times before eventually someone just puts on a jacket and walks out the door.

So when three of us went to rent a movie this weekend, uncertainty and hilarity poured thick over the racks of videos and DVDs. Both of them ended up picking something out, and that, coupled with the fact that Family Video practically gives you the DVDs for free, I scrambled at the last moment to get something I presumably would enjoy* and ended up picking out the movie Am�lie – a French fairy tale sort of love story of epic proportions which I would highly encourage any and all of you who find any magick in the world to rent and endure the subtitles. Or at least check out the preview on this page.

* ClickNathan’s recipe for movies:

  • Attractive weird girl meets scooter riding bike messenger poet boy¹
  • New wave orchestral soundtrack moves you at just the right moments
  • Emotional roller coaster of love, sadness, incredibly inexplicable sadness, and then a good happy ending◦
  • Beautifully dramatic shots and most images are primarily monotone.

¹ can be replaced with several wily boys playing poker and drinking before noon
◦ if ¹ is true, then happy ending can be replaced with tragic death of main character

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