Families and what they become

Long before you’re awake
I’m up and setting a place for two
Unsweetened rice does more for my taste
Than the memory of your sleeping face
What with all of the tragedy, unhappily out there
Why’d you up and make the bed today?
You never even make it out of bed most days
And here I am, left wondering if I’m in love or just debt
In debt to you, I’d like to run
But who would teach him to tie his shoes?
Certainly not you.

Long after you’ve given up
I’ll be on the sidelines watching a procession
When little boys don’t come home
It’s supposed to be the mother with the empty nest syndrome
But when I look in the mirror
I can’t see your face, we were a family
Look at where that’s gotten me
Hard work gets you half of everything
Everything you don’t want

He looked up through my glasses
He said “I’ll see you later, I’ve got to go home”
But this is his home
Not that other place

I looked out through the window
And thought “I’ll have my chance again, I’ll consider a house
To be the place I want to call my home”
But children hold on
Hold on
Once you leave that place you grew up in
You never get that feeling again
No matter how many wooden boxes you live in.

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