Where you end up after the top was too high

The problem with goals is that after you achieve the first one, basic human nature tells us to set the next a bit higher. So you achieve that goal and set the next even higher, and so on and so on, until inevitably you’re left with something so unattainable that you are forced to fail at it. And then what? Start all over with a lower goal and work your way up from there, I suppose. Simply going back one level will only inevitably lead you back to another unachievable goal.

If I’ve learned one thing from video games, it’s that video games are a crock of lies. I’ve become so accustomed to losing and having the option to continue that I assume everything should be that way, but sometimes you can’t get what you’re after because it simply isn’t possible.

Now I feel like a ratty strip torn from an old winter coat, blowing around aimlessly with nowhere to be and no particular time to be there, only the memories of my former life keeping the owner of that old coat warm.

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