Inspired by Shawn’s Microsoft Certification Course

1. While reading a post on someone’s blog are you:

A. Waiting to get to the end so that you can leave a smart ass comment.
B. Looking out the door every five seconds to ensure your boss isn’t looking.
C. Thinking about how fun the game Parchesee must be to have a name like that.
D. Wishing this quiz was an interactive form.

2. If you have to stand on the bus, are you thinking:

A. Why should I be forced to stand while that pregnant lady gets to sit, is her $1.60 more valuable than mine?
B. Stupid fat guy taking up two seats
C. This wouldn’t be so bad if I could smoke
D. If I pretend to fall I bet I could start a conversation with that cute girl in the high boots

3. When you think back on your childhood, what first comes to mind:

A. A pet, particularly the death of one
B. Your parents
C. An embarrassing moment
D. Your own children

4. If you could be anyone you wanted, you would probably be:

A. An astronaut or a cowboy or a fireman
B. A rock star
C. A literary critic
D. Disappointed

Good job, now check out the comments to see your score.

Up Next: Where you end up after the top was too high