poetry for lack of a better response to my weekend

keep your head back
in case your nose starts bleeding
keep your sights set high
in case you finally start seeing
I docked my feet at the local
afternoon coffee table pose
my girlfriend comforts me
then I remembered, I don’t have one of those…

keep your eyes trained to the sky
in case the stars all disappear
you swore you’d learn to fly
but now you wonder if there’s any room left up there
look at marketing strategies
keep your coupons sorted right
make your bed up every morning
and live your life under halogen lights
but me, I’m all too astigmatic
to choose to see my future now
I’m still trying to focus
on present life in an aging house
keep your eyes from blinking
every second is another chance to pose
my best friend made my day
then I remembered I don’t have one of those

as you get older, drawing hearts around her name
starts to feel more natural though you know it couldn’t get much more lame
and I’m disgusted because rhyming has set itself inside my head
and all I really want to do is tell a story
but no one’s interested in stories that aren’t interesting
so I just make things up, like “listen to how crazy”
when the subject is just smoking cigarettes and reading the newspaper
still someone keeps coming back and if I knew their names
maybe we could meet at the library and just talk about the weather for awhile…

Up Next: Music (and the lack of an interesting title)