baby and the mama

A baby learned to see, so he looked to his mama’s face
Mama left the room one night, so a baby he learned to cry
A baby learned to walk, so he got up to join the race
A baby learned to climb, he asked “mama, is any mountain too high?”

Mama told the baby, you can do anything you can be
Mama told the baby that and so the baby did try did he?
But all babies become big boys one day
And when I look around, I don’t see many of us being anything we wanted to be

So baby come to mama, she will rock you off tonight
A gentle sway and you can count the sheep in the cool moonlight
Lean up against mama’s chest and feel the heart tip tap
They only make these things to break, be the eggshell in my lap

But baby come to mama, crawl all up inside of my skirt
You don’t have to go outside because sunlight was meant to burn
Said baby come home to mama, packaged in these walls
Alot of people climb the mountain, oh but alot of people fall.

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