Don’t put your lips on the fountain of youth

Laundry. While I have no qualms over the cleaning of cloth, I have come to realize the ridiculousness of the following procedure:

1. Washing clothes in the Laundry Room.
2. Folding clothes and placing them in a dresser, probably located in a Bedroom on a different floor.
3. After wearing the clothes, throwing them back in the Laundry Room.
4. Repeat cycle.

I calculate that I will have wasted 15.5 weeks of my life carrying folded clothes up to my room and placing them in my dresser. As a solution, I have decided to keep the clothes in the laundry room fulltime. That, combined with the 27 weeks of my life I’ve saved by not ironing my clothes, practically tacks on three seasons worth of fun and adventure.

I figure I can muster in a few more of these time savers and then I won’t have to quit smoking, what for all of the 1 or 2 minutes each cigarette is supposed to take off of your life.

See comments for notes.

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