My age and probably yours…

I assume that most of the people who frequent this site are of my own age group, which I would put at somewhere between 22 and, oh, let’s say 29. I was reading this girl’s blog today, and realized that she’s 13 years old. Now, while I definitely know the differences between my own age/maturity level and that of a thirteen year olds, I don’t look back on my life and say “Thirteen, damn, that was soooo long ago.” In short, I don’t feel that in the big scheme of things, 13 and 26 are that much different. Not like, say, 21 and 42.

Anyway, today she was posting “interesting facts about Sef” – Sef being her name. One of those facts stated that she was born in 1991, and that changed my entire outlook on the subject.

I had, by 1991, already developed several “worlds” in Dungeons & Dragons. I had already experienced the thrill and disappointment of taking karate classes. I had already learned an entire language, so well, in fact, that I was able to make use of alternative forms of said language, like “Sup, bro?” I had already crossed the most difficult hurdle of skateboarding, the ollie. I was already…well, you get the point.

So, point of the day, my lifeview has changed. Whoop dee doo.

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