The Color of Freshly Wilting Roses, Pink in the Clouding Dusk

Recently, while referring to some stories I’d written, someone said:

“They are wonderful and fill me with longing and sadness and hope all at once. You write beautifully because your heart is so beautiful.”

Yes, I know, I’m only posting this to float my own boat, but that was one of the single best compliments I’ve ever received, because I watch movies or hear songs and get very emotional sometimes, the sort of mixed up feelings described in the quote, and that is the objective of my entire creative existance.

Now, I’m asking you all to think of what drives you to create and send it to me, along with a SASE. I will compile them all into one beautifully leatherbound book and sell the books back to you for the low, low price of $40 a piece.

Or at least, that’s what the good people at do, convincing the excited members of America’s youth that there is some hope for their careers…

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