Them’s Yer Hangups, Not Mine Man

HAZ. That is what it says on my ID after EYES. I can only assume that means Hazel. I don’t remember if I told the guy at PENNDOT that or if he just looked for himself. I’m assuming they do some sort of check, otherwise what good is it to list it…

But what is hazel anyway? I have assumed for along time that it is basically just brown. From far away it would look brown anyway, but upon closer inspection one would notice that it is actually a very mottled sort of combination. My own eyes are primarily a nice, smooth brown on the outer edges and green towards the middle, with yellow and blue flecks throughout. I’m uncertain as to why some people don’t have straight yellow eyes. My sister once had grey eyes but I believe they’ve gone more blue recently.

Eyes are certainly a reflection of the soul, and if I’ve ever seen myself in yours then I thank you for the intimate nature we must have shared between the two of us.

Why are eyes colored so?

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