This one goes out to all ya’ll fathermaking naughty-headed Office fans.

Nothing could be more hilarious to anyone who knows anything about the smash hit series The Office than actually speaking to someone from the island as they recant such statements to you as this:

Conversationalist 1 (whilest discussing the effects of drinking too much) It’s one thing to have just a few pints now and then, but…
Conversationalist 2 (wishing he could pull the joke off, to himself) Just the 8 pints for me then…

Conversationalist 1 Ah hell

These were real conversations and I wish this blog could be any more pretentious…

On a side note, while partaking in the biweekly Saturday night drunkfest that was the yesterday’s affair, I ran into a lovely lot who all also adored the Office. They were all quite and sufficiently dorky, which only made the whole experience all the more endearing, as we sat round in a circle sharing a bowl of tasty treats and I entertained them with my wit, charm and slurred speechy mannerisms.

I’m sure they’re still talking about me at this moment…*

* I’m not actually going to write this footnote, but if I were, it would say something like “LOL” or “Just kidding,” but only to cover up the fact that I really am serious and quite conceited that way.

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