The First Step toward Adultdumb?

Ah. I woke up this morning, half drunk and groggy in the wake up noontime mornings, remembering back over my night and the calamity that I had thrust myself into, emotional and otherwise. I picked up my cell phone and ring a dang danged.

“Hi this is Donna, can I help you?”

“Hi Donna. Look, I’m really sorry about this, but I don’t want to sell my house now.”


The conversation ended. I got into the shower imagining how upset Donna must have been. Just two days earlier I’d sat down with her in my kitchen and signed all of the paperwork. She had put ads in, had my house listed in some giant database, and begun the wheels a-spinnin’.

The entire shower I felt horrible, then angry at her for not understanding or not giving me a chance.

I got out of the shower, dripping wet with the lack of a notion to dry myself off, and had a sit and a smoke.

There was a message on my answering machine. Play.

“Hi Nathan, sorry, I got cut off, I was in a basement. Hey I heard what you said though, that you’re having second thoughts. That is totally fine Nathan, just give me a call if you ever do want to sell the place.”

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