Magick, um….defined.

Well, first off, anyone, including myself, who presumes that they can define magick is clearly one rabbit short of a hat. Unless of course they are perhaps truly more magick than me, which is quite possible. Still, that withstanding, magick is really quite indefinable.

And it has nothing to do with wizards shooting +2 fireballs from their fingertips or mustached unmistakables pulling rabbits from hats (though a hatted rabbit might be), but it is more in the sort of spark that you can see in some people. What sets them apart from all of the rocks and dirt and new buildings and droll people who are really just lifeless shells bouncing back and forth through the Mario Kart Battle Mode of life…

I can see it, in many people, certainly all of my friends, and now and then in a passing stranger. It must be intense in those passing strangers, as I can see it before getting to know them. I don’t dare just approach them for fear that they might redefine it for me and then I’d have to go back and edit this post.

And who has time for that?

I’ve been devising a theory lately that has magick at the center and all around it are emotions, the earth, vision, time, and your soul, all playing integral roles to help a person see through the every day 1s and 0s of our new digital existence and get back to a time when our ancestors dealt with these things on a daily basis.

I won’t go into everyone of those now, but the idea sort of is that they all play a role with magick, and intertwine with one another. For example, the more in tune you are with the earth, the more you can co-exist with it rather than virus off of it, well, then the easier it is to “see” the magick. And seeing it has to do with vision, and being able to take care of the earth in the first place has to do with your soul.

I will certainly extrapolate on this further in some future outbreak.

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