Gmail and the Reason Everyone Should Use It

So I’m sitting down at the Gmail Hotel, people are surfing, blogs are being blogged and webs are getting pinged, when I get a call in, ALERT!

“Good times are about to happen, here’s the skinny,” the message reads. It’s addressed to Mr. Purple and the Mustard Kid, as well as myself, the one and only Mar Oon. It’s coming from the Green Lady. I was informed of the details of our future excursion and proceeded to Reply to All.

Everyone in turn did their part, until eventually resolutions were enacted and steadfast bravery shone true in the little pixels that get lost in the cracks.

Then, after receiving a transmission from Mr. Purple later in the day, addressed to all, I broke the chain and Replied only to him.

What a dynamic this has put on the story!

Murder, intrigue, scandal, none of them could hold weight to the single Reply.

I wonder where it will go from here, what crazy adventures we’ll be able to telepathically transcript to our children’s descendants, but one thing is sure, My message has been sent. and there’s no going back from here.

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