Soul Splitting Headache

If people live over multiple lifetimes, and if you can accept the theory that it is their souls that remain the constant, and that those souls have either feminine or masculine traits, inherently, then how does that tie into various personalities.

Would the sort of flaming DragQueens parading around in boas and Bowiesacks be highly polarized feminine souls who in this life are contained in male bodies?

Perhaps Tomboys are the byproduct of a chance XY mixup which put a predominantly male soul into a woman’s body.

This could easily account for many of the conditions of sexuality and sexual preference.

I feel as though I’m a pretty well balanced soul, with regards to gender-applications. I could, in this life, easily convince myself that I have predominantly been female in a past life, I feel at times very feminine or at least in tune with the things that are associated with that trait, open with emotion, a very homemaking mother sort and in ways, adept at hearing what strictly male souls just aren’t seemingly capable of. It’s my physical male body that keeps me in touch with all things gadgets and creating with my hands and pushing my friends in the mud just to keep the pecking order alive. Hah. No, not that pecking order thing.

But, if I would have been born into a woman’s body, I could easily see my male side coming out to keep her logically grounded and concerted to make her say in the world.

Hmm. I wonder if one soul can get split into two bodies at birth. It would probably involve some giant lightning rod and the stroke of midnight, I’d presume.

And I guess new souls are always being born because of the increase in population, unless we’re sometimes stored in trees or swapped off of other planets. Maybe all souls aren’t always in a body, there might be a reserve pool, something similar to Purgatory or even Heaven, where they’re allowed to roam without restraints so physical. If so, overpopulation would probably be throwing that balance off.

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