Service as a solution

I’ve recently purchased a computer. You’d be surprised how little haggling computer sales companies are willing to do. Haggling is a lost art, you as a customer, are generally just expected to pay the ticketed price. HAH! What a foolish notion. But even after stating that I was “shopping around for quotes” and then giving them the other guy’s numbers, they just weren’t interested. Actually, Gateway haggled with me but the woman lost me because of her poor dedication to service.

On the flip side of the spectrum, however, I picked up WinBeam, the WiFi ISP here in Erie, PA. I had a few problems with it the first day (though to have it setup, all you need to do is go to the shop, pick up the modem and plug it in. At that point you’re officially online with it, sweet.) but I called tech support and they sent a guy out the next morning. He not only fixed the problem, he told me everything I needed to know about getting the best signal, shook my hand and introduced himself to me, and even help me set up my wireless network throughout the house.

Service is a dying art, but one that should be held on to and respected by us as customers as dearly as freedom itself. After all, freedom’s a lie but service is a smile.

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