Good Night, AmeriQueen

To you, my beautiful, you are my curving ancient mounding seasonal cycle Allegheny; my flat straight true never toying greatest planar MidWest; reincarnated jurassic god sizzling prairie fire rising plateau Desert; rising intrepid incredible straight slag towers of mother earth gone smack faced up and into Rocky Mountain; wet lush heavenly greenlands of the art spawn Oregon Trail; fierce desolate and untamed true frontier Dakotas.

All of you, my home, my sacred pagan land, taken in the name of God and doled out now like so much square footage, you are the reason that I continue placing foot after foot.

And this land needs a true Queen. She could certainly, alongside the untamed hardcourse hands of a farm raised gyspy cowboy, take her rightful place as heavenly transient soul. Hard to digest, but easy on the liver.

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