Big Ol’ Flag

Without getting too much into my views on patriotism or my love for this country (two completely separate issues) I just want to say that I realize that most Americans take their flag way too seriously. I can appreciate the symbol for what it stands for*, but not so much for the actual symbol itself. I mean, if the flag touches the ground you’re supposed to burn it or bury it or something. Dang, it’s just a piece of cloth.

I mean, if I make a cross out of two popsicle sticks, no one’s going to chastize me if I crack the thing in two later that day.

But when I see these huge, I mean enormous, vastly expansive, flowing in the wind flags, the ones that are like 50 feet long, riding the backs of the very winds that keep the winter blowing across the world, well I can’t help but be a bit awe inspired.

They’re just so massive and the way they flap in the wind is quite impressive. I feel like a fledgling Roller Girl at her first “big shoot.”

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