I’ll shine your shoes…

Now is my time. The anniversary of my birth is nearly at hand and the grayscale winter northern world I live in has cracked the cloud sky to let the blue beams fall down and all over me. The Vernal Equinox is my solemn companion, driving me into constant pursuit of love and change, rebirth after the dastardly audacity of winter’s lengthy stretch. Even as I associate with Autumn and the solemn reverence it brings, the remembering of a year gone by, the respect for a year about to die, I can always come back to the sweet smell of wet cement as the snow retreats back to its original watery form and find my home therein.

I feel like a gypsy captured, a dog chained to a tree with a length of leash long enough to just keep me interested in going further. Every now and then I get a chance to escape, bolt off into the lightning hot horizon, but the flash always ends with a bang. Sometimes my retreat takes me to a new land, sometimes I’m forced back to where I was. Regardless, I can’t sit still for more than a year or so before I’m ready to find that next hollowed out hole in the side of some Swiss cheese mountain just around the next bend.

I was thinking of all of the housewives out there, the ones who stay at home and pursue little more than the cooking and cleaning, or for some, the drinking and daytime TV. I can only assume that for the majority of them this life is unsatisfying, but I’m looking from my head out and so I can’t be certain. For me, to sit at home all day while my partner goes out and into the world and explores their own hobbies and interests and pursuits, would be maddening. Not that you have to have a job to be pursuing your ambitions, I’m not talking about self-employed people or really even mothers raising children.

I suppose if I find myself a woman who can make a housewife out of me I’ll snatch her up in a moment. To break my longing spirit is to capture my heart.


All ideas are purely speculation and only a series of experiments performed in a controlled environment would be able to procure even a half-reliable theory.

That said, I’m a willing test subject for most expeditions.

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