Opinions Were Like Kittens, Bob was Givin’ them Away


The amazing of amazing is pretty obvious. C’mon. Airplanes and deserts and the bride of the cacti standing tall looking back at me with the obvious nature of nature itself.

If a present were to arrive, I would smile. If the sun were to shine, I’d do the same. All of everything is obvious, to me at least, but seeing a stoplight can be a doldrum of a task until you look at the pleasure of the act. The anticipation. Red. Red. Red. Go.

Or in actuality retraction, coming from afar and reaching what at the temporary moment is the goal. Green. Green. Still far. Questioning, is it still obvious or should I perhaps think twice my brake? Still green. And then, on sudden approach, yellow.

What’s the reaction?

I suppose that would be a psychological experiment. Yellow means yield for the normals. They’re all staring at him. No. Yellow.

Yellow means “Quickly now, results are impending.”

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