Nicktown RD

Somewhere in the spring time between the budding and the bloom
A wicker tree looms desperate to make shade for two
Out beyond the buzzing of the plastic and the cleats
The horses have no shoes and our pants do just fine without pleats
In the nostalgic nostrils of the children coming home
After a life of growing up and making it on their own
They all find an alcove where they might settle their bones
So they can love away their lives before life and away it goes
Where the peddle bikes have lost their shine but ride hard anyway
And skipping stones and fishing for toads are games that children play
Before the lumberjacks realize the place is even there
The strawberries top vanilla cream and blow nestled in the air
Out there in my big lagoon my pants soaked to the hip
A slippery rock mosses my toes and crawdads pinch my fingertips
A lovely piece of oh-so-well just flitters in my face
And I take it for granted as granted is the only way to take this place

A stumble through a briar patch to blackberries and beads
The skinned up shins and calloused grins of passing magick things
The place I should have raised my son if he was ready to be raised
The place you’ll spread my ashes in the fields where cattle and deer graze

The cabin that my father and I never finished
The lightning bolt that struck it down and all of those that missed
The cemetery where they’ve buried uncles, moms and dads
And all the little rocks that represent the babies’ stillborn lives they never had

The deer that caught our headlights and stood firm to make their stand
The flaming chili peppers that my mother stuffed by hand
The madness in my eyes when gangreen and my father killed his hunting dog
The brakelights finally said goodbye and my mother and her children drove forever off

My grandfather gone crazy, blind and forgot my name
The notion that someday I’ll up and end in doing the same
And grandmothers to watch it all as their strong farmer husbands become bones
Left to do the dusting off of crumbled empire empty thrones

But when I stand inside the circle that is all of our lives
And allow the good and bad to be equal in time
All I think to do is strip free of consequence, loss and my shoes
And run across the wheat fields playing tag with all grown up me and you

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