Accurate Accountings as to be Determined, or…

Today. Me Birthendaete, in une momento por favor I shall receive my rights and enter into the sixth and twenty day of the fruits of my mother’s labor.

While the day draws nigh and I’m heavy with entertainment avast already, I’ve decided, most undoubtedly, to invoke the spirits favor as they in turn are assured that I am rightfully deserving.

So in that act I pledge, solemnly or otherwise, to stay in the waking wild until the coming of the hour of 12, nightenwise, and the minute past after of 1.

Future fortune eyes look down and shake hands with my tongue to predict the following:

1. Long intense followings into this world and the other.
2. The marching of clovers, celebratory simulatenously the god priests Patrick and the latter soul of Myself Exactly.
3. Drawn taunt wireless chords across oceans tickling at my earlobes.
4. Timothy!

And as for otherwise I can’t be shown at the moment.

Nightean angels sleep for now,
but here I walk a freighted scowl.

that wasn’t it.


here we go.

a wide moon,
i blow out cigarette candles,
the year begins.

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