… (pt. 2005 the extended edition)

well in the lean back, front to and now forward
i carry the torch in good time
all the runners go hip skipping forward
and i’m just all of the while
if a man gets two thousand toothbrushes
how many smiles would he save
or when a graham cracker makes like a movie star
crisps, dunks, crackles and breaks

there’s a plot i haven’t quite asked about
but if i did would you knew what they’d say
somewhere out on the western horizon
i’ll make my good final escape

if a light goes dipping unconsciously
how many new days does it wake
cause if a moon can’t see past the sky
but believes in the oceans for the water’s sake

make a step across rattled choral reef
make a joke about saving the world
do you believe in what you were taught or
do you believe in what you were learned

well in the leaned up, straight forward and cinnamon
smell of my lotion shampoo
i can sit in the light of a stare down
as my burnt retnas have nothing better to do

if a march goes twisting off celebate
who will go home with the girl
cause i’m a god but don’t tell the elephant
he’d feel differently strictly out of girth…

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