Bleed at (or) I’m the type of guy that

Does definitely not bring girls home with him.

but I’ve been told I could, were I to choose to.

That said, continue…

My bearthendate was extravagant. From marched parades to free beerhausen to evangelical statements with soulful truth meaning exchanged with me flatmate, it all worked out.

Needless to say, bars were frequented, but as I am quite aware, this is not a personal log of my life, but an explanation of the world as it is seen through my bloggy eyes. In continuation….

The truth has become evident to me. To bring a girl home with you, there’s no need to know how to dance, or have slick pick me up wow me lines, or even a nice rear rumpkin. All you need to prove to a woman that you’re worth the effort is attitude. And I now have it.

Unfortunately, it’s an elusive attitude for most men. Perhaps not for most of all men, but certainly for the single breed. Now that I feel that charisma dying off and the really real good type of charisma growing up inside of me, it’s nothing to drag a woman out onto the dance floor.

It’s nothing to stand there while she dances. Swirl her around like a fifties sock hop star. Wow her in your complete lack of attention.

It’s nothing to leave her unsatisfied without a second thought.

It’s not at all a chore to grab her by the arm and drag her back into the hallway. Excluded from all sight, from all knowledge. It’s nothing at all to look at her and say anything to make her spin wild, but anything becomes everything at the moment. It’s nothing at all.

What is something, something very substantial, is finally having the realism that you suddenly are in control of this power, this elusive brooding spawning all encompassing aura that draws them all (even the black women, who usually look down on us white conundrums) so subconsciously to my state of direct obviousness.

What is something is to have no desire for any of them. What is something is to have a reason to be so outgoing, so forward, so irrestible in the moment, and realize that even as you stand there you are unattainable.

Water only flows downhill but all water flows downhill. To know love is to realize the ability of steam to take water up into the clouds.

And living in the clouds is where I’ve always wanted to be. And as far as I’m aware, I’m rain clouds thundering lightning hard straight and accurate. Each time, as my flash glows up in the sky, I’m returned with the moaning glory of thunderous hallelujahs in return.

So, if you are my blissful squirmy counterpart, now is the time, the time to shed skin, regrow bone and pump blood heavy and thick into your head. Now is the time for your creamy sunken sit to drip heavy on the head of every all too much caffeine morning.

Now, as it has been and always has been even before it was known to have been, is the time to realize the comet that shoots tracer trailing flame. Not because of scientific fact, but purely in respect to dragging persuing emotion.

Up Next: The Full Blood Moon