Big Silver Birds careening from Time Zone to Time Zones

I’m headed off to the Nevada portion of beautiful Lake Tahoe here shortly. If that doesn’t mean much to you, check out this and then if you’re still not satisfied, this.

Nevada is one of the key states in America, not for it’s (lack of) political importance, or even for it’s vast expanse of desolate free nothing, but for its residents sinfully delicious nature. For example, gambling is as present as oxygen (which comes in clean, crisp supply in this, one of the world’s last, untamed frontiers) and you can’t reach for a spot of toilet paper to wipe your ass without passing your arm over some sort of slot machine. Additionally, smoking is still allowed in all public places, and then of course there’s the fact that something like 41% of Nevadians voted YES to legalizing marijuana. That’s the second highest vote in the US to date. Not that any of that matters. I will enjoy the free tawdry nature of the place, but I’m not necessarily going to drink thick liquors and smoke long cigarettes. I’m going for the other aspect of it all, the one pictured in the photos linked to above. The barren cold rocky forever expansive nature of the place. The lack of a single skyscraper. The cabins jutting out from cliffside, as though they’ve been grown from the earth itself. The wildlife that comes careening down over the road as though they’ve yet to learn to fear man. The crystal clear water that shimmers green invitational all over any boy who will dip his pig toes in. The ten feet of snow at the top of Mt. Rose all the while the desert burns on below in Reno.

I’ll be cut off from the Internet, from posting via conventional means, for the next several days, beginning tomorrow evening, so until next week this blog will convert to a strictly audiopost format.

I’ll try not to get drunk and sing too much.

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