Tonight and to Forever

These put me to sleep highway lights and endless miles of flashing white and yellow lines
Everywhere I am is everywhere alright but anywhere still would be just fine
All of the chitter chatter clang and bang and humming me to somewhere else that rides up along this old neon flash of light
I’ve watched so many moons silhouette away into the horizon sunrise

We sat around and exchanged money for beers for laughs
Old friends and family and cigarette screaming song heart attacks
I like to get back here once in awhile if I can
And I grasp short straws to retain my youth but I wouldn’t go back to being here ever again

The heavy sighs of old men dying who I knew when they snapped logs with their hands
And I watch my rear view mirror as it slowly paints me similar
A fear of growing old and that old humming holding onto youth again
And does the butterfly ever wish he could get back to caterpillar?

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