clicknathan – Clickety Clack for your Wiggity Whack

Imagine yourself a man or woman living in the untamed prairie Mid-West of 19th century America. If you are a woman, you wake up and take hours gathering eggs, milking cows, preparing breakfast and so on, continuing the work throughout the day until it is time to sleep in the evening. Life is hard and you are definitely a housewife, but you do your all to keep up your end of the marriage bargain.

If you are a man, you wake up similarly god awful early and tend to the fields for hours and toiling hours all day, fixing broken wheels and feeding livestock, all to keep your family in food and barter material for the year round.

The husband and the wife have different roles in this time period, but neither one is less important. The woman, as she was the one popping the chilluns out of her thigh-tweens, ended up assuming the role of caretaker of the house as she immediately assumed a connection with the children, popping them onto her breast from their youngest of ages. And so by default, the man is sent to the fields to labor. At this point in time, women do not feel left behind or excluded because they are not allowed to work. They do work. And as no one is payed in cash, there is no difference between the two jobs, and no time to sit around thinking about how unfair life is for men or women.

Then around comes industrialization and suddenly both men and women find that they have oodles of time to sit about and twiddle their thumbs over their lack of contentedness. Steam irons and gas stoves and running water and eventually microwaves and Chinese take out make the woman’s role as homemaker so easy that their 8 year old children end up being capable of pulling it off. And the unions make certain that men must work no more than 5 days a week, 40 hour work weeks, and now suddenly they also have all of the time in the world. Both of the sexes become lazy and expect something of the other. They abuse their newfound freedoms. The women at home get comfortable in not having to do anything, basically just keeping a nice house making certain the drapes match the flower vases. The men then expect the women to respect them for going out into the harsh world (where thanks to their unions, they break every 2 hours and take hour long lunches) and therefore demand attention and pampering when they get home.

Eventually women got sick of this sort of life, as I can imagine anyone would, and now they’ve really shanked themselves into a hole as they’re now expected to do all of the stuff they did before, but also have a job. And I thought you were supposed to be the more mastermindedly manipulative of the two genders?

The point of all of this is just pondering…what my life would have been like 60 years ago, 150 years ago…what my life is like now. Hell, I am the woman. I am the man. I’m the single mother and I’m the crazy bachelor. I like filling so many roles, because I can always keep myself company…

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