Mathematical Impossibilities

At times I am run down and sluggish, and people look at me as though to say “Hey, buddy, what’s your problem?”

I don’t have a problem, I’m just not smiling. I’m just sitting here inside of my flesh without the urge to smile. Typically I quickly cover my mouth with my hand and when said hand is removed, ta da! a smile emerges.

But what people don’t understand is that I am, in fact, the multitasKing. That’s right, Overlord of Doing Too Many Things at Once, because in reality, I think that doing more than one thing at a time is really a disservice to whatever it is you’re doing.

But nonetheless, I’m the multitasKing and so I must serve my subjects well.

But please realize that anyone who doesn’t think I’m giving 100% to any given goal is ridiculous, as I’m in all actuality giving somewhere around 110-127%, full on all out pushing, the only problem is that my workload, when compared to that guy sitting in the park or a taxi driver or possibly even the reflection you’re seeing in your monitor while reading this, well it’s probably about 300%.

And that can wear a guy down.

So, I find myself worn in the here and now. My plan is to hiatus from this heavy world and disappear, if for only one evening, into the black and white green and leafy world of a trip to see Sin City after I am let free from my workplace tonight.

This one goes out to the Balabushka.

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