pt. 7

Where’s your hand?
While my fingers are crumbling my heart takes a moment to laugh
I’m alive for the moment but living is second nature when you’re a soul stuck in a man
Who says that if I keep on walking I’ll end up right where I am?
Cause it seems to me that if I just keep heading this way eventually I’ll run out of dry land

But I prop up my feet for the weekend
Sip myself silly with beer
What’s today? Was it one day or Tuesday?
I could care less if the mailman stops round here
So I stick my foot in the fire
The smell of smoke clings to my hair
Watery eyes and a mouth full of cotton
I suppose my pointless words would make for a nice pair of underwear

Where’s your face?
While I’m sniffing around for you I feel a brush from behind
No, no don’t that tickles, and I’m still half asleep but don’t tell that old alarm clock of mine

She’s just jealous, so I tell myself,
Go run off with the traveling life
I’ll just sit here for now but God, look at me
One day I won’t be so all by your side.

And now with the coming of ages the moon was a hang nail last night
and anyway
You can keep on hanging on as long as you’d like but I’m quite certain you’ll get tired and just let yourself come falling on down

I’m the biggest and brightest and best of them all
Just look at me shine
While my feet make a smoosh in the mud well
The tapeworm is massaging my spine

Where’s your face, again?
Oh that’s right, you’re right here, but for me for now I’m a bit far off
Maybe if we all came around we could come around to not feeling so lost
Or if we all just drew up a new map,
I’m tired of the way this one looks
Me and my homeland so humbled up God damn I wish I was the minority for once
Maybe help me get some idea of what it is I really want
Cause I’m so capable of having anything, anytime
Anyone disagree? Hell with you
I’ve got two can opener arms and shotguns for legs that can crush anything I choose to

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