Up all night and sick as a frog’s leg

All this grocery store checkout
Customer support queue
I’ve been living here since I was an angrier youth
But my age is a number
And I am a vowel
If you spell me with letters
Please make all my sounds round
Cause I’m so tired of having
The square plot of land
I’ve got dishes to break
And weekends to plan
If you gave me a dime I’d say
Thanks for the act
I can’t buy anything
But it’s worth more than that

You knocked at my door
“How do you do?”
I was a mess until I met you
But if you have plans to turn off the lights
Will I open my fridge to find nothing inside?
Cause I’ve been wondering through my last cup of alright
Would I prefer to see nothing forever or everything for just this one night?

As I’m just so tired
Of waiting in lines
And I’m not even sure what I’ve been trying to buy
Should I pick the smile
Or the sit for a while
Life as I want it, a 30 day trial

But if you had the chance to sit as a baby
And look forward to everything you’d end up as
Would you take it or leave it or choose to forget it
Or would you turn in your ticket and try and get your money back?

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