The Situation of “Thank you”

The situation is this:

I’m purchasing a steamy cup of Sheetz Cappuccino Drink, Creme Brulee to be exact, and after the transaction of exchanging money for product is complete, I say “Thank you.” Which is responded to with a “Thank you.”

Given the nature of the sentence, who should be saying thanks and who should be saying “You’re welcome.” I know that I am thankful to have the coffee, but should Sheetz be more thankful that I’ve chosen them to provide it to me. You might think yes at first, but why did I choose them over Kwik Fill or the Country Fair? Because I enjoy their product better, and am glad to have the option. Is it appropriate for both of us to say thanks, and then what in turn?

Bob Edwards hates when people respond to “thank you” with “thank you.” He considers it rude.

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