All Over the Hemispheres

Summer sun sets on my eyes
To bleed the joy and milk the cries
And bring up all those last goodbyes
That never made it to one more try

Underneath a world of float
A blurred out head and a scratchy throat
I just hang from all these musical notes
Reaching stretched to get tippy toed

Help me to forget tea leaves
And the futures they misinterpret for me
I’ve waded waist deep in the sea
But I just can’t seem to get in far enough to forget to breathe

Kick your shoes off on your farm
Bronze your face and tan your arms
Hold on tight to all your silly little charms
And run like hell if you start to hear those morning alarms

Summer sun rise up my view
Same old me with a brand new you
Would you trade something to hold on to
In exchange for finding something worth falling through?

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