Hemispheres Condensing

When you stand on the tracks does it have you feeling strange?
Please turn away because lets face it, everyone turns away
And I am standing here at the corner of my street
And the one it always has the time to come to meet
The old men they come pushing up the while
Walking storybooks with soulless eyes and toothless smiles
I have to laugh at watching them all go senile
I’ll catch up with them later but I’m still stuck in all together for now

While the train it comes to whistle me away
I was sleeping in again
Another one’s due any minute now
Still I think I’ll stay in bed until then

And I’m looking at a yellow line and watching it horizon off
As all my friends make distance until all I see is spots
And here I am alive but breathing smoking and mirrors
Reflecting through the fog of all my coughing, wheeze and tears

When you lean on the fence does it help you to feel safe?
Now’d be a good time to make that turn unless you plan on just leaning away

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