All Across America 2005 Update

For those of you following along with my travel plans, I have some excellent news regarding this year’s trip across these glorious United States.

I am employed by a Public Broadcasting Station (NPR, PBS affiliate) and we produce our own programming. Typically these shows highlight various aspects of Erie or the broader Pennsylvania region, however I have submitted a proposal to do a documentary on US Route 20, America’s longest road, and I’ve received approval to go ahead with the project.

So beginning in June my co-worker and friend, Tim Rensel, and myself will be heading up to Boston to begin the trip. As noted in the map below, the trip is going to basically be divided into three parts. The first part is just taking the Saturday to cruise up to Boston, where Rt 20 begins, right near the very church where Paul Revere began the Midnight Ride. Seemed like quite the fitting place to begin such an adventure. Basically the documentary is going to focus on the American experience, highlighting everything from baseball to rock n’ roll to Midwest campfires, the goal here is to capture that very real but elusively intangible aspect of existence that is so unique to this land. We’re shooting the thing over two and a half weeks, which will take us from the East Coast, along the Great Lakes, over the Plains, through the Rockies and ending in Newport, Oregon, right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

I plan to spend a few days in Portland afterwards, getting a feel for what that city is all about as I have this amazing yearning to live there one day, hopefully one day soon. Then I plan to camp in Northern California for a bit, meet up with some friends and head to Lake Tahoe before making the trip back.

I’m quite excited about this whole thing, particularly as my gas, car rental and accomodations are going to be taken care of for the first leg and documentary portions of the trip, as it’s a company affair.

If anyone reading this knows anything about Rt 20 and would like to comment, please, feel free to click buttons.

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