So I Throw in the Occasional Personal Journal Entry Here…

So I spent the evening with my pal Tim shooting a live show for the A.K.A.s who turned out to be a pretty damn cool bunch of guys. Check out their website for sounds, they’re indie rock/punk style and have some videos, at least one of which seems to have made it to MTV according to

So we shot the whole concert and if all goes well we’ll be authoring a DVD for them, possibly a double sided CD/DVD re-release of their CD White Doves & Smoking Guns. Possibly.

This is just the first of a bunch of really cool shoots we’re going to be doing this summer. We’re going to do this Dorkumentary thing where we go out and record these guys who do real life role playing, as in they take Dungeons & Dragons to a real life extreme. Think Hit Points and THAC0 but wearing real armor and running around in fields battling dragons and saving princesses all while earning experience points and learning new proficiencies. That’s a tentative thing, probably after the Route 20 documentary we’re doing for work. You can find out more about that by tuning in on a daily basis to

The ladies love it, so why shouldn’t you?

The last thing I want to get going is this Suitcase in Point project that I was trying to get together last year but it fell through due to this that and the other, but I’m going to try and get that back on track.

Plus with the prospect of good friends and fires this weekend,on top of the fact that my heart is a pounding loving machine these days, well all seems very good. Profits are up, our bottom line is growing and stockholders seem dead set on taking my life to the next level. Buy low and sell high, baby, buy high and get time.

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