Camouflage Lizards and the Big Bright Sun that gives us the light that doesn’t help us see them all that much anyway

I sweep the floors, I make some food, I hang my clothes up on the rack
I rack my brain for hours trying to make sense of many things
And then the sun says “Well, it’s been nice but I’d better be going.”
“So soon?” I say but then I realize the sun has been sitting around waiting all day

Come back to sleep big burning fire we don’t have enough of the pillows though
I said, “Hey why can’t we share?” because I asked you the same thing last week
And you didn’t seem all that up for it then
Well understanding is the simplest part but I never got around to acting school
So I just stare blankly with the answers but who wants to raise their hand after what happened the last time…

I paint the walls, I clip my nails, I have a couple of beverages…

I have a seat, I take a nap, I wish that I still thought that there was something good on TV.

But at some point I changed my mind and started getting opinionated
And saturated in all of the big concerns I feel are important
When I know damn well that nothing’s important except

Sitting here, holding her hand
Or climbing a tree
Not wearing shoes for the sake of not caring about dirty feet

Kissing her, and does she want me to?
Just getting to that point
And all that I can do is try to forget

But I loved it then and I’d love it now
But I’m just not sure how

Like playing with Legos isn’t all that much fun anymore
But I know I used to love it

I scrub my arms, behind my ears and shave my face
I stand in the shower until the hot water runs out
‘Cause once you step outside you know you’ve finally done it
No going back to sleep once you’ve rinse and repeated

But there I was and the teacher was there waiting
I had my hand up and I knew all the answers
“Okay then anyone else want to try?”
And she may have had good intentions but all I had was about to cry
So for the rest of the year we all just sat there
No one wanting to raise their hand
No one other than me could have given a damn
So one day I walked up to her and said “I hate you bitch”
And she replied “Do you know that a chameleon will, by nature, crawl into a sleeping boy’s warm, dark mouth?”
Knowing full and well I had a pet chameleon and it had recently gotten out.

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