Housewives and Homeowners who don’t want to be…

The unhappy housewife
And the homeowning gypsy gone sad
Make telephone calls to eachother
To see if they can get some of what the other one has

She dreams of completion
He stares at the sun
His eyes hurt so bad from the looking
But he’ll be fine when the night comes

The lonely soothsayer
Can see everything
But she just cannot bare it
When she can’t see happy adjectiving her endings

The stone lazy poet
Has forgotten half the words
He can get through the nouns just okay
But he lost all his verbs

And she pets all her cats
Until they slip out the door
Take a walk down the fire escape
Tomorrow, when they get hungry…
And he’s reaching for the stars
But he can’t even touch the streetlights
Tomorrow, he’s hungry, and always
We all just need more and then more and then….


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